Preparing the text for publishing

Articles will be submitted in Hungarian, with an abstract in English (or German) (3-4 pages). From these abstracts, the journal publishes, on its final pages, shortened abstracts in English, in the section titled „Abstracts”.


Articles are to be sent in an electronic format as e-mail attachments to the addresses:, or on electronic support (CD, DVD, flashdrive, etc.) to the Publisher’s address:

Redacţia Korunk

400750 Cluj OP 1, c. p. 273.


The formatting guidelines for the papers sent to be published, brought to the attention of the authors before the sending of the proposed papers, are the following:


– Page format: A4

– Margins: 2.0 cm top, 2.0 cm bottom, 2.5 cm right, 2.5 cm left. Line spacing: 1.5.

– Font: Times New Roman 12

– List of illustrations (tables, photographs). Illustrations are to be submitted in .jpg or .tif format, 300 dpi and minimum 1 MB

– Diacritical marks are to be used.

– Caps Lock key will not be used.

– The text submitted for publication is to be followed by a short presentation or Curriculum Vitae of the author.


A guideline for preparing the references is available on our website.